The Necessary Equipment for the Slot Gamblers

The casino Slots Glossary was created for the beginners as well as for the gamblers who play slots for several years. This information is dedicated to the specific terms that are used in slots games. It is important either to examine slot tips before starting the exciting trip to the marvelous world of slots.


Without understanding this terminology and peculiarities you hardly can be a successful gambler and it will be difficult to find the best propositions, the highest jackpots and the most desirable style. Without further delay let's study out slots glossary.

Bonus Slots

In order to have the bonus you are to hit the combination. It is like more profitable game within another game.

Random Number Generator

RNG or Random Number Generator is a micro-computer that provides the work of online slot machine. Each reel of the machine corresponds random generator. When you push the button or pull the lever random number generator initiates the spinning of the reels.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the most profitable slots for players. It is a group of slot machines that are combined together. They may be linked be one casino or by several independent casinos. The sum of jackpot depends on sum of money that is played in all the combined slot machines. The game continues until one lucky gambler hits the winning combination. In this case the huge jackpot receives all the gamblers. It goes without saying that you should always play maximum bet, especially in progressive slots.


Symbols are pictures that are situated on the reels. The main aim of the game is to get such combination in which symbols will match the necessary position. The variety of symbols is tremendous. They may be presented as fruits, cards, numbers, toys, animals, geographical places, movie heroes, definite well-known thing and so on.

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Regular Multiplier Slots

These are of two types - regular multiplier slots and bonus multiplier slots. These have multiplying symbols. Symbols compete with various combinations for getting a prize. Winnings would then be multiplied for symbol combination.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

The distinctive feature of bonus multiplier slots is that they give the players more chances to win. Wagering a certain amount, if this amount coincides with the amount won, your winning can be multiplied.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are known to give out enormous jackpots when compared to other slot machines. Almost all players come to the casino fantasizing that they would hit the jackpot on the progressive slot and their life would transform.