Playing the Game of Luck

Slot machines games which are also known as poker machines and fruit machines are in the top of popularity in casinos. The principle of the game is rather simple the gambler puts some money; usually it's a coin of $0.10, $ 0.25 or $1 into the coin selector and pushes the button. There are pay lines and reels. There are different symbols on the reels and they should match the winning combination on the pay table.

Description of the slot machines

Slot machines games are considered to be a game of luck as it is almost impossible to predict the result of spinning reels. There are several types of slot machines. The main difference is the quantity of reels. Most common are 3-reeld slots, 5-reeld slots and 7-reeld slots but their amount may reach 21.

Symbols are also various. First classical slots symbols were fruits, numbers, cards, animals. Great technical progress brought the possibility to create whole images. Nowadays you are able to play slots merging into the world of ancient Egypt, bright Taj Mahal, wild Western or the most modern world of superheroes. New slot machines propose not only various themes and styles but also the great variety of bonuses and additional opportunities.

Single Line Slots

3-reeld slot machine or single line slots were the first type of slots. They included only bar and fruit symbols and had a lever to pull for starting the game. Because of this these machines got the name "One Armed Bandit" but it's just an ironic name as cheating is almost excluded.

Multi Line Slot Machines

Multi Line Slot Machines have more than 3 reels which mean that there are many pay lines. For example 9-reeld slot machines provide 45 pay lines. This gives opportunity to have more chances to win. In addition such slots are equipped by bright animation, sounds and great special effects.

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Regular Multiplier Slots

These are of two types - regular multiplier slots and bonus multiplier slots. These have multiplying symbols. Symbols compete with various combinations for getting a prize. Winnings would then be multiplied for symbol combination.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

The distinctive feature of bonus multiplier slots is that they give the players more chances to win. Wagering a certain amount, if this amount coincides with the amount won, your winning can be multiplied.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are known to give out enormous jackpots when compared to other slot machines. Almost all players come to the casino fantasizing that they would hit the jackpot on the progressive slot and their life would transform.