User's personal information might be essential for right of entry to certain parts of the website and in regards to product and services. The individual's information is required while: (a) Sign up for an account to become a member of the site; (b) While using the site willing given; (c) revealed when using the public sections of the site; (d) Whenever the contact is made between the user and the site. When the user signs up through the website to become a member with the purpose of using the services available on the site. An individual's information shared on the site could be used in regards to billing, administration and management of the account. The information and updates on products and services will also involve personal information's to be used.

In the process of keeping you up to date with technical, service and crucial account balance information's including the cash account balance and security in regards to product and services), put across intermittent emails. It includes intimation about products and services you have chosen. As you had been a service user for long will not have the privileges to unsubscribe the service, they eventually become a crucial part of your service.

To facilitate the users with come restricted services on our behalf like identity verification, payment processing, limitation, provision of software and others, third party firms are hired seldom by ensures that only restricted information is shared with the third party firms to execute the services, and under no circumstances information for any other cause is shared.

Your Role in shielding Your confidentiality...

Although there are countless measures to ensure the confidentially from the website however the primary role is played by the user to safeguards his/her privacy. The user is solely accountable for the confidentiality and maintaining concealment of account information like username and password. Disclosing information will lead to threat to the user's account. preserves and reserves right on correcting, updating and deletion of the information. The applications available on the site could be used to update or remove an individual's information. In case of request of sending copies of the information will incur a reasonable fee. If the personal information's are changed or deleted the users access will restrict to few parts of the site and services in use. Prepaid services are not give refund in case of deletion where the personal information gets deleted. Eventhough the personal information is saved in the archives to handle any dispute in future, prove the users consent and conform with all types of lawful and technical needs and restrictions in regards to security., confidentiality and function of the site.

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