Bonus Slots

If you have not yet witnessed the exhilarating fun of playing online slot with the added bonus feature then you are at the correct destination. We shall teach you the nuances of playing online slot. Before that you should understand what exactly an online slot is.

Understanding online slots

Online slots are of 3 types: 7, 5 and 3 reel. It offers something extra to its players. They are available for both single players and multi-players in video and classic slot formats. Irrespective of the type of game there are bonus slot/slots for the players that award them with unique symbol/symbols that can hike the payouts.

Bonus feature symbols, substitutes, free spins, scatters are some of these special symbols. Read our guide to understand the different special symbols.

Playing online slots

Online slots are as enjoyable and exciting as regular slots. You start by placing a bet and then press the spin button. You get paid if the spin unveils a winning combination. It's that simple. Beginners love this classic game thanks to its simplicity and even veterans vouch for this game. The games are loaded with stunning graphics that makes the games all the more exciting and the instant bonuses boost your scope of winning.

We have also provided a comprehensive list of recommended casinos with their list of games and bonus slots. Our news section keeps updating on any related online slot news and about forthcoming bonus slots too. Check them out and become a pro in no time.

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Regular Multiplier Slots

These are of two types - regular multiplier slots and bonus multiplier slots. These have multiplying symbols. Symbols compete with various combinations for getting a prize. Winnings would then be multiplied for symbol combination.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

The distinctive feature of bonus multiplier slots is that they give the players more chances to win. Wagering a certain amount, if this amount coincides with the amount won, your winning can be multiplied.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are known to give out enormous jackpots when compared to other slot machines. Almost all players come to the casino fantasizing that they would hit the jackpot on the progressive slot and their life would transform.