Bonus Multiplier Slots

In slot machines the highest jackpot rates get initiated as soon as a player plays the highest permissible number of coins. Those players who prefer to play the lesser number of coins shall not have the privilege to wining the highest jackpot rates for payout. Hence it is best to play maximum coins while playing for bonus multiplier slots. There is a major difference in video slot and reel slots that you as a player have to understand as it would reap you great benefits.

Reel Slots

Reel slots would mostly feature bonus multiplier slots and single pay lines. If you are looking at playing up to 4 coins at this it would not be suitable as you would not even play at the payout rates that are advertised on the slot machine. And if you do hit a jackpot you would get only a small percentage.

Say for instance playing a single coin gets you 100 times the bet and two coins get you 200 times and so on but 5 coins in each spin get you 1000 times the bet which is obviously more advantageous. Although this is just an example can you imagine the money you stand to lose just by playing lesser coins?

Video Slots

Video slots have numerous pay lines and for being qualified for the jackpot the player has to place a bet on each pay line. Also if you bet more coins on a single pay line it would not affect your payout. Therefore it is prudent to bet just a single coin on each pay line in one spin while you continue to bet on multiple pay lines. Although the option to place 5 coins is there it is not advisable as casinos stand to profit if you place bets that don't have high payouts.

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Regular Multiplier Slots

These are of two types - regular multiplier slots and bonus multiplier slots. These have multiplying symbols. Symbols compete with various combinations for getting a prize. Winnings would then be multiplied for symbol combination.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

The distinctive feature of bonus multiplier slots is that they give the players more chances to win. Wagering a certain amount, if this amount coincides with the amount won, your winning can be multiplied.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are known to give out enormous jackpots when compared to other slot machines. Almost all players come to the casino fantasizing that they would hit the jackpot on the progressive slot and their life would transform.